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Barbara Perley Scholarship Fund

The Perley Scholarship applications are given out to all eligible students at the Masconomet Regional High School in February. The Library will also have limited number of copies available sometime after February vacation.

The Boxford Public Library and Perley Scholarship Fund (BPL/PSF) supports the library reference collection by purchasing important research materials, and also administers the Barbara Perley Scholarship Fund. The Directors of this group were formerly known as the Public Trustees of the Boxford Public Library. They are an appointed board and are separate from the nine elected Trustees of the Boxford Town Libraries.

The Barbara Perley Scholarship Fund is a tax-exempt fund designed solely for the benefit of Boxford children in need of financial aid. (It is unrelated to the Perley-Parkhurst-Cole Trust Fund, which is administered by the Commissioner of Trust Funds.) The Barbara Perley Scholarship Fund was established by Barbara Perley in her will to provide “…financial aid to those children who need such assistance to pursue a college or vocational, technical, or trade school education, and who are determined by the Trustees from time to time to be in need and ability and are deserving of such assistance.”

Barbara Perley was a faithful citizen of the town of Boxford who served in many positions in the town, including a term as Town Accountant from 1938 to 1972. She co-authored two books about Boxford and was commonly referred to as the town historian as she knew so much about the town’s past. She lived in her house on Main Street until her death in 1986. She had a keen interest in children and their affairs, and her fondness for children still shines today through the scholarship fund she created.

Applying for a Scholarship: Each February applications for the scholarships are sent to potential Boxford recipients by the Board of Directors, and are also made available at the Boxford Libraries. Applications may also be obtained by contacting a member of the Board of Directors.

Donations and memorial bequests are tax-deductible, and will be used for scholarships for Boxford students and to help Boxford residents. The mailing address for donations is:

Barbara Perley Scholarship P.O. Box 82 Boxford, MA 01921

Board of Directors

Barbara Was–President
Holly Langer–Vice President
Ann Trull–Vice President
Marci Miller–Secretary
Trish Benson–Treasurer
Kim Holliday–Masconomet Representative
Carole Davis–Library Representative
Jayne Smallman–Director
Denise Woodruff–Director
Sandra Pinkham–Director

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