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Military Records

These include the military records for the Revolutionary and CIvil Wars. For more information, check the National Archives.

Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War

Volume  Range 

v. 1

Aacher – Bery
v. 2 Bese – Byxbe
v. 3 Caal – Cory
v. 4 Cose – Dryer
v. 5 Duarell – Foys
v. 6 Fracer – Gypson
v. 7 Haagg – Hixon
v. 8 Hmelen – Jypson
v. 9 Kable – Lsubon
v. 10 Luaas – Moosher
v. 11 Mor – Pazel
v. 12 Pea – Razaray
v. 13 Rea – Seymr
v. 14 Sha – Stewert
v. 15 Stibbens – Tozer
v. 16 Tracey – Wheylon
v. 17 Whicher – Zyranius

Massachusetts Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines in the Civil War

Volume Range
v. 1

1st – 11th Infantry

v. 2 12th – 24th Infantry
v. 3 25th – 27th Infantry
v. 4 38th – 57th Infantry
v. 5 58th – 62nd Infantry
Unattached Companies
3rd Battalion Rifles
Boston Cadets
Salem Cadets
4th Battalion Infantry
Company B, 7th Regiment
1st – 16th Battery Light Artillery
1st-3rd Regiment Heavy Artillery
v. 6 4th Regiment Mass. Volunteer Heavy Artillery
29th and 3th Unattached Mass. Volunteer Heavy Artillery
1st Battalion Mass. Volunteer Heavy Artillery
1st – 5th Regiment Mass. Volunteer Cavalry
1st Battalion Mass. Volunteer Cavalry
Mass. Men in Organizations from Other States
Mass. officers in U.S.A. and U. S.V. (A – L)
v. 7 Mass. Soldiers in U.S.A and U.S.V. (M – Z)
Mass. Soldiers in U.S.A and U.S.V. (Miscellaneous Units)
Mass. Enlistments in Veteran Reserve Corps
Mass. Officers in U.S. Colored Troops
Mass. Soldiers in U.S. Colored Troops
Mass. Officers in U.S. Navy
Mass. Enlisted Men in U.S. Navy (A – E)
v. 8 Mass. Enlisted Men in U.S. Navy (F – Z)
Mass. Offices in U.S. Marine Corps
Mass. Enlisted Men in U.S. Marine Corps

Other Sources

Title  Author  Year 
A list of the soldiers, sailors, and marines of the Civil War surviving and resident in Massachusetts on April 1, 1915 1916
Report of the Joint Special Committee on the burial of Massachusetts dead at Gettysburg : with a list of the Massachusetts soldiers buried in the national cemetery, and other matters in relation thereto 1863
Essex County regiment. A directory of the commissioned and non-commissioned officers and privates, of each company, attached to the Fourteenth Regiment Heavy Artillery, Massachusetts Volunteers. Col. Wm. B. Greene, commanding, stationed at the forts near Washington Hayes, Charles 1862
Partial List of Revolutionary War Soldiers in Essex County, Massachusetts 1898

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