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About Boxford Town Library

Mission Statement

The Boxford Town Library is a community resource where all ages can access materials for their diverse informational needs and personal enrichment, and interact with and learn from each other. Staff and Trustees are committed to providing personal and professional attention to each patron who uses the Library’s services.

Vision Statement

The Boxford Town Library aspires to cultivate community, lifelong learning, and the love of reading.

Values Statements

Informed by the core values of the American Library Association, the Boxford Town Library provides and protects free access to ideas and materials for all patrons.

Recognizing the need for access to the greater community, the Boxford Town Library acts as a portal to other libraries and organizations utilizing a variety of technologies.

Believing in the importance of helping children and youth develop into contributing citizens and lifelong library users, the Boxford Town Library provides library spaces, materials, and programs that educate, entertain, and encourage reading and lifelong learning.

Responding to the need for community connections, the Boxford Town Library provides a gathering place to introduce and exchange ideas through a variety of services and programs.

Realizing the value of wider access to information, the Boxford Town Library fosters connections between patrons, other libraries, and other community organizations.

Understanding that each person’s informational needs are unique, the Boxford Town Library validates patrons’ needs and treats their inquiries with respect and confidentiality.

Important Documents

FY19 to FY23 Library Long Range Plan

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