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Curbside Pick-Up Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Thank you for using our new Curbside Pick-Up Service.  As we have been working with you on processing your requests we’ve responded to a few commonly asked questions.  If you have -questions regarding Curbside Pick-up, we may have already answered the same question posed by one of your neighbors.  As we discover more frequently asked questions, we will add them to this post.

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions and their answers

“I returned my items, why are they still showing on my account?”
Once items are returned in the book drop, they must be quarantined and be processed through a different workflow for a period of time before they can be checked-in.  This can take up to 7 days
“How long will my checkouts be on the curbside pick up cart?”
Checked out materials will be on the cart for one week from the time you receive notice that they are ready.
“Where do I return materials from the library?”
Please return all items in the book drop box outside the front entrance to town hall.
I placed a hold but I haven’t been contacted yet.
We are working our way through the holds lists for Boxford itemsStatewide delivery is not running so we cannot process interlibrary loans at this time. You will be personally contacted by phone or email when your hold is ready. 
“You contacted me yesterday about a hold to pickup and then you contacted me again today, why?”
As we work our way through the requests unfortunately we are not always able to pull every one for a patron or family at once. We will continue to contact you daily if there are new holds.
I placed a hold back in March do I need to place another hold for this item?
No, your hold is still there. We appreciate your patience as we work through the requests.
“Can I still get books from other Libraries?”
Although we are not able to have items shipped to the Boxford Town Library, you can still get items from neighboring town libraries. If you visit the website of our neighboring town libraries, Georgetown, North Andover, Topsfield, and Middleton, etc., you can find out about their Curbside services.  If you go through their catalog portal you can see their items.  After you find one of their items you would like to borrow, place a hold on that item. You will need to set the pick-up location to be that library. It is a more roundabout way of getting items from other libraries, but does allow you to get an item from another library if we don’t have it.

If your question is not among these, please feel free to reach out to us.
The Library’s phone number is : 978-887-7323
Our email address for patrons questions and requests is:

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